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Audio Preview:
Construction Tracks 1 - 7
  A preview of the construction tracks 1 - 7:
Alloy, Angstrom, Beam Leads, Boule, Chemical Etching, Clean Room, Crystaline
Construction Tracks 8 - 14
  A preview of the construction tracks 8 - 14:
Emulsion Mask, Flip Chip, Hot Carrier, ICP, Inductor, Low-K, Murphy Model
Construction Tracks 15 - 20
  A preview of the construction tracks 15 - 20:
Nano, Novalac Resin, Optoelectonic, Plasma Etch, Sheet Resistance, Sub Micron
Murphy Model [128 bpm]
Novalac Resin [129 bpm]
Sub Micron [129 bpm]
Tech House, in its many forms, is currently one of the hottest sub-genres of the underground dance music movement. It is a scene that is driven by some of the most pioneering electronic music producers. Most good electronic producers are constantly looking outside the box and want to stay fresh and push the movement forward. They search for a sounds and a vibe that gives them an edge or slightly different take on the genre. Tech House Journeys is that sample library. It is aimed to give a fresh injection of inspiration and samples into your musical compositions in order to give you that edge. This library presents a palette of stylistically diverse construction tracks. Each construction track is broken down into its individual elements with solid drum loops, snappy drum kits, dirty and funky bass lines, cool and dubby synth riffs, and ear candy FX samples. The DVD touches on many styles and is an absolute must have for any discerning producer.

This multi-format library is over 4 GB in size, with 755 MB of original material. Recorded 44.1 kHz // 24 bit. Containing 360+ Audio Samples and 320+ REX2 Loops.

[20 Construction Tracks]
Alloy [128 bpm]
Angstrom [128 bpm]
Beam Leads [125 bpm]
Boule [123 bpm]
Chemical Etching [122 bpm]
Clean Room [127 bpm]
Crystaline [129 bpm]
Emulsion Mask [125 bpm]
Flip Chip [126 bpm]
Hot Carrier [130 bpm]
ICP [127 bpm]
Inductor [124 bpm]
Low-K [123 bpm]
Murphy Model [128 bpm]
Nano [123 bpm]
Novalac Resin [129 bpm]
Optoelectonic [127 bpm]
Plasma Etch [129 bpm]
Sheet Resistance [129 bpm]
Sub Micron [129 bpm]
This product is intended for use by recording artists, songwriters, producers, engineers, D.J.'s, recording studios, and sound designers. Our libraries will aid you in creating your demos, records, remixes, commercials, jingles, post productions, sound tracks for film, theatre, musicals, live performance, computer games, and multimedia productions.
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