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~ "Eminently usable and premium in terms of sound quaility "
Audio Preview:
4x4 Style Beats
  4x4 Conga Beat [89 bpm - 1bar], Tribes Beat [112bpm - 2bar]
Dirt Chamber Breaks
  Grater Break [90 bpm - 1bar], Roll Cool Break [89 bpm - 1bar]
Lazer Beats
  Aced Beat 2 [135 bpm - 1bar], Chirp Beat [95 bpm - 1bar], Cylon Beat 1 [97 bpm - 2bar], Metalord Beat [93 bpm - 1bar]
Plump Beats
  Attack Break [94 bpm - 1bar], Moving up Break 2 [115 bpm - 1bar], Rib Break [97 bpm - 1bar], Trip Break [113 bpm - 1bar]
Smacked Breaks
  Bryl Break [95 bpm - 1bar], Budmon Break 2 [119 bpm - 1bar], Crystl Break [128 bpm - 1bar], Serious Break [95 bpm - 1bar], Valve Break 1 [112 bpm - 1bar]
Thumpin Hip Hop Beats
  Thump Hop 3 [95 bpm - 1bar], Thump Hop 24 [94 bpm - 1bar], Thump Hop 29 [95 bpm - 1bar]
Tubby Drums
  Blade Drum [134 bpm - 1bar], Hills Drum [80 bpm - 1bar],Vintage Drum [108 bpm - 1bar]
mack The Breaks Up is sample library of over 400 beefy and smashed up break loops. The sample library exhibits a selection of loops from NYC’s finest drummers. The loops have been painstakingly processed through a selection of compressors, distortion boxes, amps, pre-amps, EQ’s, assorted outboard equipment, and even some guitar pedals. The equipment has been both used and abused to in order to add a chemical grunge that is second to none. This sample library is an essential tool for producers that are looking for massive sounding drum loops to smack through on the club sound system. Because the library is not genre specific it could be a useful tool for any producer in need of some phat, grungy, distorted, or down right nasty drum loops. The loops have been sorted into themes and presented on the DVD in multi-format for easy integration into your studio environment.

This multi-format library is over 2.19 GB in size, with 270 MB of original material.
Recorded 44.1 kHz // 24 bit. Containing 400+ Audio Samples and 400+ REX2 Loops.

4x4 Style Beats
Dirt Chamber Breaks
Lazer Beats
Plump Breaks
Smacked Breaks
Thumpin Hip Hop Beats
Tubby Drums


Chunky four to the floor loops
Slow, deep and dirty downtempo break loops
Hi-octane fliter whips and techy beats
Plump, phat and heavy drum loops
Brutal, shredded and destroyed drum loops
Blasted Hip Hop club thumpin beats
Tubby and Natural sounding phat drums

This product is intended for use by recording artists, songwriters, producers, engineers, D.J.'s, recording studios, and sound designers. Our libraries will aid you in creating your demos, records, remixes, commercials, jingles, post productions, sound tracks for film, theatre, musicals, live performance, computer games, and multimedia productions.
Category | Products: Smack The Breaks Up Added: 12/22/08
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