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~ Rating 86%
~ "A good starting point for anyone wishing to get into the genre"
Audio Preview:
Construction Tracks 1-10
  A preview of the construction tracks 1-10:
Le Havre, Electro Funkt, Circa, Holm, Frozen Forms, Hydroplane, Dark Star, Derj, Light Cones, Lines
Construction Tracks 11-20
  A preview of the construction tracks 11-20:
Moonbase, Neuron, Precog, Nitro, Noir, Saturns Return, Modular, Rotterdam, Seti, Munich
Construction Tracks 21-30
  A preview of the construction tracks 21-30:
Von Cloud, Stradt, Wreckage, Spectrums, Tresu, Skrim, Sunday Times, Spacetime, The Whip, Turtles
Electro Funkt [Constr. Track]
Moonbase [Constr. Track]
Saturns Return [Constr. Track]
Von Cloud [Constr. Track]
MINIMALIZMS is a sample library that presents a fresh and exciting fusion of all minimal electronic music styles. The minimal music movement is currently one of the hottest and most exciting electronic music genres. This library contains 30 professional produced and mixed construction tracks packed with fresh loops and one shot samples. Each construction track is stripped down and presented with every element available for use in multiple formats for easy integration into your productions. The DVD touches on many minimal and experimental styles and is an absolute must have for producers of techno, house, glitch, and IDM. This library could also be a useful tool for producers of many other music styles.

This library is over 3.25 GB in size and is packed with the freshest sample material. Recorded in 24bit. Containing 550+ Audio Samples and 280+ REX2 Loops. It is an essential tool for any serious producers of all minimal styles.

[30 Construction Tracks]
Circa [121 bpm]
Dark Star [122 bpm]
Derj [122 bpm]
Electro Funkt [122 bpm]
Frozen Forms [122 bpm]
Holm [123 bpm]
Hydroplane [123 bpm]
Le Havre [125 bpm]
Light Cones [124 bpm]
Lines [124 bpm]

Modular [123 bpm]
Moonbase [124 bpm]
Munich [122 bpm]
Neuron [123 bpm]
Nitro [123 bpm]
Noir [123 bpm]
Precog [123 bpm]
Rotterdam [124 bpm]
Saturns Return [123 bpm]
Seti [124 bpm]

Skrim [122 bpm]
Spacetime [123 bpm]
Spectrums [122 bpm]
Stradt [123 bpm]
Sunday Times [124 bpm]
The Whip [122 bpm]
Tresu [124 bpm]
Turtles [124 bpm]
Von Cloud [123 bpm]
Wreckage [124 bpm]
This product is intended for use by recording artists, songwriters, producers, engineers, D.J.'s, recording studios, and sound designers. Our libraries will aid you in creating your demos, records, remixes, commercials, jingles, post productions, sound tracks for film, theatre, musicals, live performance, computer games, and multimedia productions.
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