The Launch of 'The A Class Series':

Digital Redux launches 'The A Class Series' with parts 1 through 5 released in September of 2007. The series is presented on DVD in Multiformat, with AIFF, ACID WAV, WAV, STYLUS REMIX, REX2, and REASON REFILL included on every disc. Each part is packed with between 3 - 4.5 GB of the freshest and original sample material.

Our sample libraries were designed with care and attention to detail in order to put fresh material at your fingertips and inspire unique creativity in your recordings. They were created using our extensive recording facilities by our team of well seasoned musicians and producers. Every Digital Redux sound library is created with a sense of fanaticism that soars above and beyond our competition. We keep it real and true to the genres that we work in and pride ourselves on the fact that the content is created by accomplished talent – we don’t fake it. As musicians and producers ourselves, we understand the need to have hot and instantly accessible sample material when working on a recording. We understand the importance of working productively and keeping on the vibe without having to stop and search for sounds. Our main objective in creating our libraries is to provide you with a one stop shop to the hottest sounds out there and ultimately inspire you to achieve excellence in your recordings.



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