Our online retailers:
www.guitarcenter.com The Guitar Center - with stores throughout the US
www.samash.com Sam Ash - with stores throughout the US
www.mannysmusic.com Mannys Music - manhattan NYC
www.zzounds.com Zzounds - online music superstore
www.sweetwater.com Sweetwater - online music superstore
www.samedaymusic.com Same Day Music - online music superstore
www.musiciansfriend.com Musicians Friend - online music superstore
www.fullcompass.com Full Compass - online music superstore
Professional audio equipment:
www.atlasproaudio.com Atlas Pro Audio - professional audio and recording
www.mercenary.com Mercenary Audio - professional audio and recording
www.vintageking.com Vintage King Audio - professional audio and recording
www.proaudiodesign.com Pro Audio Design - professional audio and recording
HOTWIRED! HOTWIRED! eBay store for Mogami cables
www.audiophilia.com Audiophilia - the online journal the serious audiophile
Musican reasources and forums:
www.gearslutz.com Gear Slutz - one of the best forums for pro audio discussion
www.harmonycentral.com Harmony Central - online music superstore
www.recording.org Recording resources
www.kvraudio.com KVR Audio - number one reasource for audio plugins
www.analogindustries.com A great site for news about new gear from true gear heads
www.sadglad.com The ultimate list of free VST plugins
www.futureproducers.com A forum specializing in many areas of recording
www.tweakheadz.com Tweakheadz gear resources
www.homerecordings.com Home recordings forums
www.recordingproject.com Recording Project forums
www.computermusic.co.uk Computer Music - Aimed at beginers, or the teen market
www.remixmag.com Remix Mag - Experts on Electronic and the undergorund
www.eqmag.com EQ Mag - Professional recording magazine
www.mixonline.com Mix - Professional audio and music production
www.soundonsound.com Sound on Sound - The worlds best recording magazine
www.futuremusic.co.uk Future Music magazine - Professional recording magazine
www.musictechmag.co.uk Music tech magazine - Professional recording magazine
DAW forums:
www.cubase.com Cubase forum
www.cubase.net Cubase forum
www.logicprohelp.com Logic forum
www.abelton.com Abelton forum
www.reasonforum.com Reason forum
www.flstudioforum.com Fruity loops forum
www.cakewalkforum.com Cakewalk forum
www.cakewalk.com Cakewalk forum
Learning, DIY projects and more:
www.ethanwiner.com DIY room treatments - build your own bass traps
www.auralex.com Auralex room treatment solutions
www.graf.dk Graf Audio - very cool DIY audio projects
www.prodigy-pro.com Prodigy Pro Audio - DIY audio project forum
www.oddrealm.com Piano Chord and Scale tool
www.synthmuseum.com The Synth Museum - vintage synth resources
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